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AM Purchasing is the idea of two Mechanical Engineers from Volos, the town with the Mountain of the Centaurs, Pilio, and with one of the biggest harbours in Greece, who decided to create something new in the Greek market and especially in the field of metal products and constructions.

One of them is specialized in Quality Control and Quality Assurance with 3 years of experience over projects that have been recreated in Greece.

The other one is a Sales & Purchasing Manager who managed to collaborate with companies worldwide such as Bosch Rexroth, SMS Group, Jung Werkzeugbau GmbH, Kroenert GmbH & Co KG, Bucher Unipektin AG, Wilke Technology GmbH e.t.c.

The idea was to create a Mechanical Engineering Company (Steel Workshop) and with steady and slow steps to develop the company with new CNC machines aiming at all the requirements of our customers to be realized with our own machines and ideas. We are responsible for the construction and the delivery of different metal products, all according to client’s orders. Also, we can offer material of all kinds with 3.1 certificates in competitive prices.

In addition, we take responsibility of solving the problems you face both at the manufacturing of a piece and at the programming of CNC machines (CAD/ CAM) With a specialist Mechanical Engineer with 35 years of experience. Finally, we can find solutions for you about the appropriate quality control of the pieces that you manufacture.

Our experience at the field, gives us the opportunity to offer the creation of a wide range of products, from a small piece to really big pieces and structures from 1 part to serial production.