Quality Assurance

The base of our philosophy is the highest quality.

The quality of our products is at the same time our first priority and the base of our company philosophy.

At regular intervals our suppliers are under evaluation and all the quality methods they are following are registered. In order to assure the right quality of our products that are provided to you, we are constantly beside our suppliers to help them incorporate a complete system of measurement in every process.

In addition, a final control of the products is occurred in our own place by the specialized in this sector Leonida Aggeli for your greater insurance.

At last, we have the ability to analyze samples at the location of our company in Greece using modern measurement equipment – anytime if that is necessary.

  • Each and every one of our providers are Certified with the DIN ISO 9001.
  • Use of new generation production techniques.
  • Specific QA procedures are being implemented for all our clients
  • Specific control of the products from the order of the raw material to the final state of the products.
  • Use of new generation measurement equipment.
  • We are responsible for every damage and we will definitely do our best to fix it.